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Windows Store always running at startup! Any solution?

I'm new to these forums. Anyway, I have recently upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1. Initially I never had this problem with the Windows Store app running in the background. But when I reformatted and reinstalled Windows 8.1 freshly. Since then I noticed a bizarre issue with the Windows Store app.

This is exactly the same experience I'm having as this user bob marley http://www.eightforums.com/general-support/61783-disable-windows-store-startup.html
The Windows Store app is running as a background process even when the Windows Store service is set to Manual. And the only way to terminate this background process is by terminating it manually. Otherwise it will remain forever and will not let go by itself. Not only that, but there's a dllhost.exe and WWAHost.exe that also launches in the details tab.

I have tried several times to reformat and install. But to no success. This is occurring every single time. And it chews 50+ MB for me as well. Before the memory usage was under 500 MB RAM. Since store app my minimum RAM usage by Windows 8.1 is 630 MB.

It never happened before. I remember on startup the Store would never appear in the Background processes list. But now it does. Has anyone got a solution to this problem?:confused:

Many thanks.

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