Windows Phone 8 - Unpin a Tile from Start

How to Unpin a Tile from Start in Windows Phone 8

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On your Windows Phone, Start is your home base: you can keep all of your important stuff as tiles right where you need it, and be able to perform a task with only a tap or two. You can fill (pin to) Start with links, contacts, maps, and apps, or just a few basics. It's unique to you and your needs.

This tutorial will show you how to unpin a tile to remove it from the Start screen in Windows Phone 8.

Here's How:

1. Open the Start screen, and press and hold on the tile (ex: Store) you want to remove. (see screenshot below)

2. Tap on the Unpinunpin_button.png button at the top right corner of the tile. (see screenshot below)

3. The tile (ex: Store) will now be unpinned (removed) from Start. (see screenshot below)

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