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Windows NTFS Compression & Native Boot VHD/ VHDX? Issues?


Windows NTFS Compression and Native Boot VHD/ VHDX? Issues or Conflicts?

I am currently cleaning out my Windows 7 x64 Ultimate SP1 for a 2 step upgrade > Win 8 > Win 8.1 and then will convert it to VHD.

I have this \Windows\Installer folder that is taking a lot of space and seems to be unused mostly.

Eventually, I wish to clean it out/ delete it or major stuff inside it.

But, till then I was considering "compressing" option it as suggested here instead of delete/ remap right now.
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If I do this right now (during Win 7 > 8 > 8.1) I am wondering this will cause any issues creatingin or running the VHD?

I googled around for VHD and NTFS compression and did not find anything good or bad either way (with exception that Windows XP and VHD had some issues)
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