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Windows Mail on Windows10 ssd problem


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Hello, Have got Windows Mail working good as per instructions on Win10 1903, 1909 and 2004. Have no problem when using sata mechanical drives but when installing on SSD after a good start Windows Mail becomes unstable and crashes. Any ideas please?.

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Hello Scientist, and welcome to the EightForums

I saw your post here by chance, but your message better to be posted over in the WinMail thread tutorial for me to see it in a timely fashion and/or for you to get a quicker reply. Please post WinMail questions Here:
How to reinstate WinMail onto Windows 8 or Windows 10

Any other replies to this please put them there, or ask the Moderator to move/merge this your thread, over to there.

fwiw, whether OS's are installed on SSD's or mechinal HDD's have nothing whatsoever to do with WinMail operation. It has to be another malfunction that you see as coincidence; btw, all my OS's, including 2004, are on SSD's now

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