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Windows Mail for Windows 10 Fix for .mailto and .eml file open capabilities

Thank you Eight Forums for your update on installing Windows Mail on a Windows 10 PC. My Windows 7 PC finally bit the dust. I had previously attempted to install Windows Mail on my wife’s Laptop, but without success (using the older version for installation on Windows 7, etc.). So my new Windows 10 arrived with Windows 10 Version 1909 pre-installed. With a wing and a prayer, I attempted installing Windows Mail on the new desktop using the protocol in Posts 1 and 2. Voila! It worked.

Two things I noticed, however, with that installation. Could not open an .eml file with Windows Mail; and the .mailto function was not working. Apparently, the WinMailEdit.reg import file (as well as the v1709+.reg import file.

Happened upon a link discussing the .mailto issue: Register mailto protocol to custom program on Windows 10. At that page, the author presented a generic Registry Import program to add the mailto feature to an email program. Initially, the registry import file had the following registry import:

@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Windows Mail\\WinMail.exe\" -mailto \"%1\""

That did not work for the mailto protocol. It was then changed to:

@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Windows Mail\\WinMail.exe\" /mailurl: \"%1\""

And the .mailto function for Windows Mail worked as before.

The author of that Registry Import file also had the following entry to open an .eml file:

@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Windows Mail\\WinMail.exe\" -eml \"%1\""

That entry, however, did not work. Trying to open an .eml file did not invoke Windows Mail. I changed the entry (not unlike the .mailto entry) to the following:

@="\"C:\\Program Files\\Windows Mail\\WinMail.exe\" /maileml \"%1\""

and Windows Mail then opens an .eml file.

You might want to advise your Windows Mail aficionados to browse over to that Register mailto protocol to custom program on Windows 10 site as well.

I am attaching the Registry Import file (one in plain ext format, the other in a Registry Import format) which I successfully used to add the .mailto and file open capabilities to the Windows Mail for Windows 10.

Larry Cohen


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