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Windows homegroup problems.


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Is there some kind of conflict with windows homegroup and windows updates? As long as I have used windows machines this problem has persisted. You spend hours getting the sharing running only to have it go down a week or a day later.

I now have a windows 8 desktop and a win 7 laptop that stopped communicating after I spent a half day troubleshooting the connection. Its no biggie really because the computers share over the wireless network just fine, just not the homegroup. Both machines are joined with the windows provided password, avast antivirus is turned off on both machines, neither machine has microsoft security essentials installed, or that can be found, both machines have sharing on every bloody checkbox under the sun checked. Homegroup troubleshooter finds nothing.

The only thing left is to leave the homegroup on both machines, delete a bunch of files I have to google for and then recreate the homegroup anew then rejoin. If I do that and it works I am sure the connection will break again. What gives, this has been going on since xp :) ? Is this only a wifi problem? I remember connecting 2 win 7 comps with an Ethernet cable in the bad ol days, that also worked for a week before having to fish around in the registry.

Just curious as to what is up?

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Hmm, I have been experiencing a problem with Windows accounts and auto-updates. Not exactly the same problem as you but my problem is that Windows 8 would start automatically logging into my guest account after an update. I couldn't really find an answer other than deleting/recreating the guest account. I suspect there is a bug related to Windows updates messing with user accounts.

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