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Windows failure to configure updates error + more


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Guys, i recently bought an asus ultrabook (zen x32vd), with win 7 home pro already installed (legal)
Following a friend's suggestion, i upgraded it to win 8 pro (speciall offer at 15 bucks).
I couldn't do a fresh install as the win 7 came with the ultrabook.
I really regret the upgrade. I did it last night i haven't been able to use it since then!
First, some intel drivers (for wireless display, bluetooth and usb) needed to be reinstalled, but the program from intel web failed to install it! (it freezes almost at the end, same problem when installing office and other programs).
Second, avast antivirus is not live protecting me anymore, don't know what the issue is.
Last but not least, i tried updating windows, but when it restarts i got the message "failure to configure updates, reverting" and it keeps restarting and restarting and restarting....
any help?
i would be so gratefull!
pd please apologize me for my grammar and spelling as english is not may mother language. :D

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