Windows Explorer Recently Shows Incorrect Partition Capacity


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I think I'm having a problem with my Windows 8.1 Pro (64-bit) installation. Windows Explorer shows wrong partition capacity than Disk Management and DISKPART do.

I take my 1 TB data drive as an example.

In Disk Management, the first 3 partitions are 250 GB and the last partition is 181 GB (please ignore the unallocated space). It has been like this for years and I haven't changed anything regarding partition since I created and managed the partitions for the first time a few years ago.


DISKPART also shows the first 3 partitions are 250 GB and the last partition is 181 GB, just like Disk Management.


But Windows Explorer shows all partitions have different capacity. In this issue, it's 249 GB instead of 250 GB for 250 GB partitions and 180 GB instead of 181 GB for the 181 GB partition.


This issue happened recently. Explorer recently shows wrong capacity for all disks/drives connected to this system. For years, the partition capacity for the first 3 partitions were always 250 GB in Explorer while the last partition was always 181 GB. I'm not sure what happened here but I'm really curious to find out how this issue can occur and I really want to find a solution. CHKDSK and CrystalDiskInfo didn't show any error, corruption or damage at all. SFC and DISM didn't find anything wrong regarding system files too. I also know about the rounding system regarding size and numbers, but if it's really the rounding system, it shouldn't take this long (after several years). I've never seen Explorer showed the first 3 partitions as 249 GB for years and suddenly today I'm seeing the first 3 partition show 249 instead of 250 and the last one 180 instead of 181.

Would anyone mind to take a look at my issue and help me finding a solution? I admit this issue bothers me a lot and I really just want to get that number back to 250 again to have a peace of mind. Thank you very much in advance.

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