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Windows cleanup ain't working


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So just the cleanup works (altho it removes thumbnails but sometime later adds the same amount back idk what's up with that?)
But the clean up of system files isn't working. I try to remove windows updates and it actually added like 500MB onto my C drive instead of removing like 3gb of updates and some MBs of other stuff. I could really use that extra space I only have 744MB on C 7,28MB on D 1 gb on E. I disabled downloading of any further updates btw,

What can I do?

And an additional question: are there some other ways to cleanup at least a few bit of space without risks? some that aren't that known ofc

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This thread may help if a round about way:
Disk Clean-up - Windows Update Clean-up Stuck.

But assuming you get rid of the 3 GB of updates on C: that is still less than 4 GB free space. You may want to check into migrating to another drive or offloading data that you do not always need to an external drive or thumb drive. You can get pretty good 256 GB USB 3.0 thumb drives for just under $100 these days(at least here in the US.) My first XP machine only had a 20 GB HD. I used to run at 80% used. As I bought newer PCs I noticed how they ran much smoother when I maintained greater than 50% free space. Now I try to keep my C: partition at 30 to 40 percent used tops. It runs smoother and makes defragging a breeze. Assuming you have a spinner anyway. :)

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