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Windows 8 upgrade will not install


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I have had some problems with my desktop since installing the windows 8 upgrade.
(See http://www.eightforums.com/general-discussion/16844-right-click-menu-not-opening.html)
So I decided to do a refresh and after that it refused to load into windows 8.
So to cut I long story short I decided to do a reset but that went exactly the same.
It goes through all the procedure and then does nothing.
After numerous fruitless attempts I decided to format the disk and reinstall windows 7 pro and try again.
It goes through all the normal install. restarting a few times and saying installing devices. It then restarts and comes up with the windows 8 windows logo and moving balls. The screen then goes blank with some intermittent hard drive activity. And there it stays for however long you leave it!!
If you restart the computer it comes up with a message stating that the windows 8 installation had been unsuccessful and it would revert to the prevous version of windows (Windows 7).
Windows 7 pro is then reconfigured and I am back to square one.
I have tried different installation disks as I have successfully upgraded two laptops with no problems. the disks are from the download iso.
Has anyone any suggestions?

Thank you

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Have you attempted reformatting the HDD with your win 7 disk? Are you running more than one HDD? If yes there is a possibility that the MBS is on the disc you haven't reformatted. Also, did the computer come with a recovery sector, if so that could be the problem. Just attempting to give you some ideas because it looks as though you have a good idea what your doing. . .good luck.

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