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Windows 8 to sport pc settings and not control panel

Among the changes that Microsoft reportedly plans for the new Windows 8 operating system, we can count one that reportedly affects the Control Panel.

Apparently, Microsoft is determined to replace the popular Control Panel in Windows 8 with PC Settings, at least this is what recent reports suggest.

We already had the chance to have a look at some of the modifications that Microsoft plans for the desktop client, courtesy of a series of leaked screenshots of Windows 8 Build 8158.

In addition to these, the Redmond-based company is reportedly set to make a series of other changes to the OS as well.

Up until now, the Control Panel folder has been present on all Windows releases, and it comes as a surprise that Microsoft might have decided to take it off.

Windows 8 to Sport 'PC Settings', Not 'Control Panel' - Softpedia

Coke Robot

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Holy crap! :shock: Oh my goodness, Control Panel has literally been a feature of Windows since I believe the very first version of it! Oh my, I don't know what to say other than Windows 8 will be BY FAR the most ginormous change EVER.

This is going to show that Microsoft really isn't afraid to push the buttons of change, wow. I'm shocked.

But to addon a bit, Windows machines have always been called the Personal Computer but the actual product of Windows has never ever reflected that other than saying "your computer" or "My Computer." Gee, Windows 95 must not had made the computer personal, Windows 8 will....

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Mark Phelps

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Well ... if it's just a name change, or minor shuffling around of settings, it's not going to have much effect.

And then, there's bound to be a new "Tweak Windows 8" product (or something like that) that will be out soon after the release -=- which will likely restore the "old" way of tweaking settings.

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