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Windows 8 thinks wifi (hardware switch) is off...

...but it's not.

Hi, I'm Antonio. About a month ago, while I was doing work, I tried to access Ubuntu from my jump drive to look at a certain application (don't remember what). Couldn't get the wifi working in Ubuntu (as had happened in the past), so I gave up. When I got back to Windows 8, the wi-fi was not working in Windows, either! It's still not working. Despite the wifi switch being clearly in the "on" position, it doesn't think the wifi is on. Toggling the switch with the Device manager open shows the Bluetooth drivers popping in and out, so the switch is physically working, at any rate. The wifi drivers stay put, and Device Manager thinks they're working fine.

Sony Vaio S series laptop (VPCSB11FX). Windows 8, 64-bit. I've tried:

-Deleting and re-installing drivers.
-Deleting and re-enabling.
-Doing a system refresh.

If I go back into Ubuntu (as I'm doing now), I can fire off an "rfkill unblock all" command, and the wifi works. Hardware swtich and all. How do I get Windows to think my switch is on, and that my hardware is working?

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    Sony Vaio S series (VPCSB11FX)
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