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windows 8 takes long time to boot, restart & shutdown


New Member

I recently purchased alienware m18x r2 with following specs
I7 3630m
Gtx 680m sli
12gb ram
750gb wd
120 (windows installed)
& 256gb sdd

Now for the problem when I receive the laptop it was preinstalled with window 8 and on the first boot it took around 5 to 6 mins to boot to desktop..I reinstalled the windows considering it to be the bloatware fault..
The problem gets solved but after i download alienware osd drivers , alienware command center and nvidia drivers the delay is back ..
It starts with a bsod (your pc ran into problem)error window minidump memory.dmp.etc and after that windows boot restart and shutdown after almost 5 to 10 mins..
In the duration of delay there is no hdd activity and after 3 to 5 minutes when the hdd gets actives it boots to desktop in 5 secs

Really appreciate if anyone help me through this

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8F Rookie

Have you tried installing the OS into the 256GB SSD? and try installing the drivers one at a time to find out which one would cause the boot delay issue.

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