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Windows 8 Store - Can open but nothing works inside


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Hey everyone!

I recently got a new computer, an Asus Zenbook UX302lg, and let's just say it's been a whirl of problems. I've solved most of the original issues, but one's now popped up and it's been bugging me for a few hours!

My windows store DOES open without hiccup. However, once it's inside the screen, everything I click on does not respond - I try to update to 8.1 by clicking on the box, and the box gets smaller indicating that I've clicked on it, but nothing happens. Similarly, this is the case for EVERY single app - none of them respond to my clicks.

At the start, I thought perhaps it was my anti-virus software blocking it, so I disabled it (it was AVG 2014) but that didn't work. I uninstalled it (getting desperate) and didn't work.

I searched online for possible solutions - I downloaded the Windows app troubleshooter - didn't work, I reset the store cache - didn't work.

It may have something to do with the fact that when I first opened windows store, while everything DID WORK, updates on apps wouldn't work and it would be stuck on pending - I searched online but couldn't resolve it, until bam I got a notification saying that all my updates had been installed a few hours later - with me doing nothing. I thought I got pretty lucky. My computer's been through a couple of mandatory updates since then, and now today after I tried to update to 8.1 (the first time it's showed up in the store as well) it no longer works.

Any advice for a fix would be very much appreciated!


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