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WIndows 8: Slow shut down time.


Hi all;
All this while, the start up and shut down time for my Windows 8 is really fast.

However, starting from yesterday, i found out my shut down time has lagged considerably. What used to be a speedy shutdown now drags on and on. Can anyone help me to diagnosis what the problem may be?

The only change i can recall is installing EASUS partition master. However, neither did i change the partition nor save anything when exiting EASUS partition master. I only use it to view my partition size on my C Drive and D Drive. However, i have already done a clean uninstall of EASUS.

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    Be kind...complete newbie here...


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Did you install iTunes recently?

Did you add network drives? Or share your drives?

What were the last 3 or 4 programs that you installed?

Did you install a recent windows update?

How many shutdowns did you notice that was slow? Less than 4 times?

Is the bootup slow as well? or just shutdown?

Are programs waiting to close on your shutdown screen?

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