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Solved Windows 8 RP - 32 or 64 bit version ?


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Hi there,

I've been running W8 CP on old laptop for a while now and, Metro interface apart, I quite like it ( I installed Classic Shell to get rid of, or at least suppress, the Metro UI ) and I'd now like to install the RP on my desktop alongside W7. The latter is the 32 bit version although the processor ( Intel dual core 2 x 2.67 ghz ) is actually 64 bit ( which I only latterly found out, the previous OS (XP) was also 32 bit so I assumed the processor was also when upgrading to W7 ). Given that I have (only) 2GB of RAM is there any reason to install the 64 bit version of W8, does it come with any extended features, options etc. ? OS and application programmes are on an SSD, data on an HDD.

Thanks for any help.

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unless you have more than 2GB of RAM, i would not suggest going 64bit. Anything under 4GB of RAM is 32bit territory.

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