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Solved Windows 8 refuses to mount .iso image because image is 'sparse'


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Just thought I would share the solution I found to my problem mounting .iso images in Windows 8 Pro.

The very helpful error message I was getting was this:
and in powershell I got this:

Essentially the problem is that windows .iso mounting does not like 'sparse' files. I had used Acronis backup to backup my original .iso files and this DOES use sparse files. You can check if a file is 'sparsed' by looking at the files details in properties. The 'P' in the attributes represents a sparse file. See the screenshot below.

The result? When I restored my .iso images I could no longer mount them.

The simplest solution I have found is to just copy the .iso to a new file - this seems to create the new file without the sparse flag set.

Hope this helps somebody!


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For anyone that is curious.. Sparse files are files that have "reserved" space in them that is not technically part of the data. An application can create a sparse file so that it leaves room to expand it in the middle without having to recopy all the data. I can understand why Acronis would do this for a backup image.

Shouldn't Acronis also have a file viewer?

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cannot mount iso

Has anyone found a solution to this issue within Win8.1? I am receiving the same error msg. I tried associating the .iso extension but it does not exist.

Any help appreciated.

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