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Windows 8 reboots on double click in Winamp


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Hi all,

Since 02.01.2013 my Windows 8 is rebooting without a warning, and this is happening evrey morning when I come to work, I've noticed that Windows will restart when I double click a song in Winamp, once it happened when I tried to open a e-mail in Outlook, bust mostly it happens with Winamp.

I have all Windows updates installed, installed latest Winamp version still when I double click or drag&drop a file in Winamp, Windows will restart.

I'm already tired of this situation, need a quick fix.

Thank you in advance.

P.S.: there is no dump file, the system only restarts without BSOD.


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Your issue is not a BSOD, but either way it should be posted in the Crashing and Debugging thread, not General discussion.

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