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Windows 8 Pro Upgrade Fails @ 90%


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I have upgraded two of my PC's flawlessly now but my HP G61 110SA laptop which has Windows 7 X64 Ultimate on is failing at 90%. It gets to 90% and states Windows is going to restart shortly but does not and then I get the dialogue Windows 8 upgrade has failed and is reverting back to Windows 7.

I have used upgrade assistant and uninstalled any software it flashed up and on other sites I have noticed people stating it does not like drivers of certain OEM laptops so I uninstalled those to and still it sticks at 90%.

I had a similar issue with this laptop with Windows 7 in that when it rebooted and then would look for the driver to alter the display resolution it would get stuck and even when I downloaded the latest drivers Windows rejected them as not being the latest.

The Hard drive is a 500GB Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid which has part flash to make it almost as quick as an SSD. I have this drive on another PC and it upgraded fine.

Anyone have any ideas please? I can't remember where to find the update log so if someone can tell me I will post it.

Thanks in advance

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