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Windows 8 Pro Upgrade - activation problem

Hi everyone,

Apologies if I'm repeating something covered in other posts. I did look here (http://www.eightforums.com/windows-updates-activation/13892-windows-8-pro-activation-problem.html) but it was a different issue. It showed me how to get the included text file though about licensing. :)

Anyway, I've just tried to do a fresh install of Windows 8 Pro Upgrade (it didn't ask me for the disc of my previous edition though, which previous Windows upgrades used to do - is this normal?) and it says that my windows key didn't work and that I cant activate it. I've double checked the key I was given and I've typed it correctly. Any ideas?


Scrrenshot of issue with my product key obscured:

Windows8Pro activation and key issue.png

Pasted text from report.txt file (based on instructions in other forum post linked to above):

<ProductName>Windows 8 Pro</ProductName>
<TimeZone>GMT Standard Time(GMT)</TimeZone>
<Manufacturer>To be filled by O.E.M.</Manufacturer>
<Model>To be filled by O.E.M.</Model>

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YOu need to enter a valid Key - that one is either a Default Key, or blocked because it's been plastered all over the internet.

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