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Solved Windows 8 not using separate wallpapers for dual monitors


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Ok so I turned on my computer this morning and all of a sudden both monitors in my set up (Using extended monitor) are using the same wallpaper. And its still going through my pictures file with 400+ wallpapers but both monitors always display the same wallpaper and cycle at the same time.

Now before today it was a different wallpaper for each monitor and the cycled separably. I haven't changed any settings and I cant for the life of me figure out how this happened or why I have tried restarting the machine 3 times to no avail so its not some fluke. I have also looked around on the net already for an answer but it seems that the people who have tried setting win8 to use the same wallpaper on both monitors and cycle actually had to get 3rd party software mines doing it on its own for no reason? If anyone had an idea to try to fix this it would be much appreciated Also dual screen wallpapers still display properly as in they extend to cover both monitors.

Here is a picture of my desktop I can post a video of them changing if need be.

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