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Windows 8 missing program event in sound tab


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I just bought a new windows 8 tablet recently and I have tried to download few alarm clocks from the store. The problem is each apps which I have tried can't change the alarm sound. The apps itself can browse and change the sound file without errors but when the alarm hit the time, the alarm will always played the windows default sound.
I try downloading several other apps to filter out the problem and it seems that all the apps i downloaded cant change the default alarm sound at all so this has nothing to do with the apps.

Then finally after some research on the net, i found out that I can actually change the sounds in the
Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Sound > Sounds> Program Event.
But I was surprised that unlike what I saw from the net, I don't have the Alarm Notification in my program event list.

Therefore I found out all the system notification sounds are in the C:\ > windows > media folder so I try to replace my desired wavs file to the one in the system "Alarm01.wav" but even as an admin, I cant replace or edit the files in there.

I have tried searching everywhere on the net but there is no luck in sorting my problems out. Any help is appreciate as long I can change the system Alarm tone. Thanks in advance

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