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My computer is a bit like the car; turn either of them on, and expect it to do its 'thing' but when it doesn't.... stuck!

My windows 8 library is not working....nightmare:cry:

Anyway, I've researched how to delete and then reinstall/programme (sorry if my jargon aint with it). What I cannot understand is why this library facility has so many awful reviews on the forum, who are slatting this facility and how it eventually clogs up memory with duplicated files. Then there are others, they proclaim if you take the time to learn and understand how to use it, it will transform your searching experience

What confuses me more is that there are many attempting to disable or totally eradicate it from the computer There is a "registry hack" website for windows 7, which disables the library.

I'd appreciate anyone's thoughts on this matter AND :rolleyes: also:eek: If anyone would feel temptation towards disabling it completely. If these people don't want the library to work, is there a reason why they do not just leave it as mine is now. Whenever I save a word doc, it warns me library not working, but the files stores elsewhere no problem. Maybe I shouldn't bother repairing or perhaps that affects the overall performance

I'd be grateful for any thoughts

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Learn to use Libraries. They can make it real easy to have a single place to access similar data spread across multiple folders/partitions/hard drives. Entries in libraries are nothing more than pointers to the real location of data. They take up almost no space at all so there is no reason to ever delete them except for when you no longer want to access something that way, then just right click on the entry and select Remove entry from library.

Likewise, when you want to add an entry, right click on it and select Include in Library then pick the library you want it included in or create a new library.

For instance, I have 3 library entries under Documents, my personal documents folder, my wife's personal documents folder and My Documents which is the root of the above two and has all the stuff that is not specific to either of us.

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