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It seems that IE 10 (Windows 8) will not load (or takes anywhere from 5 to 25 min to load) any web page, Firefox and Chrome on same machine run fine.

I fired up my laptop which is also Windows 8 with IE 10 and the same thing happens, I tried the following on my laptop:

1. Uninstalled Firefox and Chrome rebooted and tried IE 10
2. Uninstalled and reinstalled IE 10
3. Uninstalled Flash
4. Disabled Flash using the MMC (flash is embedded inside IE 10)
5. Ran IE 10 without add-ons (iexplore.exe -extoff)
6. Updated NIC drivers
7. Reset TCPIP stack
8. Reset IE in “Internet Options”
9. Disabled all startup items and all non-Microsoft services
10. “Enabled Enhanced Protected Mode” within “Internet Options” – “Advanced”
11. Disabled and enabled “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering” within “Internet Options” – “Advanced”
12. Booted into “Safe Mode” with networking and tested
13. Disabled Windows Defender
14. Changed speed and duplex on NIC

None of these worked, I am leaning toward a possible AD (2003 SBS) policy not compatible with either Windows 8 or IE 10 or perhaps a router or switch issue.

I can also access network resources without a problem, this is only an IE 10 issue.

Both my laptop and the “problem” laptop have no issues with IE 10 outside of that network.
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