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Windows 8 in development


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Googleâ??s Translation of Windows 8 Mention on Microsoft China

To support a huge number of software and hardware is a feature of Windows, but also with other operating systems is one major difference. In the solution of problems of cross-age sense of Windows7 hardware ecosystem compatibility issue, Microsoft China R & D Group's hardware innovation center stage in the beginning of the project suffered an embarrassing.

As China's wide variety of hardware products. Therefore, just received the mandate, the team on how to select products tested produced a confused, they tentatively put forward two hundred mainstream peripheral pre-test program. At this time, Windows vice president, a series of questions put to them ---- these first 200 peripheral mean? 20% of the market, 60%? Or 80%? Importance there? For these problems, they can not answer, only Momobizai, embarrassed to go home.

With these questions in that they found the country's largest IT equipment, the computer stores the Pacific Ocean, through the co-operation with them to analyze sales data stores inside the peripheral, has made the authority of the hardware market information. By looking at sales data, they found that the market with Windows-related hardware products was more than 28,000 species, only the access to this one, in the Chinese market on more than 640 kinds. However, on further analysis, they found that although hundreds of thousands of products in each category, but occupy 80% of pre-sales Ranking the number of products is limited. For example, there is a Although there are 253 kinds of the scanner, but the sales of the top 28 kinds of products has already covered 80% of the market. Therefore, only test the 28 kinds of products, they can cover the user's Bacheng scanner.

After that, they started a list of the equipment of targeted testing. When the team has revised the plan and the preliminary test results with the vice president in charge of re-sharing, he became very happy, and told the Chinese team, he has thought about this issue for years, and our measures for this problem provides the most good solution at the same time, he praised that "you have the best peripherals on the planet list!"

Finished these words, he also added in the hope of the Chinese team to test range to cover the Jiucheng market. Of course, through a complete hardware sales data, hardware innovation center engineers quickly calculated to cover the scope of this new test.

Thanks to "the list of the best peripheral", Windows 7 have a high degree of compatibility of the hardware ecosystem. In Windows the occasion of the upcoming next-generation system, Windows 8 planning meeting is also Microsoft's headquarters. At the meeting, their peripheral testing strategy is also more than 3,000 people demonstrated in full before the Windows team. Now, they begin to deepen the market data analysis to quarterly changes, and testing to identify major trends and changes, and with headquarters in real-time sharing. Through this approach will soon become the world's largest PC market in China's hardware and ecological data, it will further affect the evolution of the next generation of Windows, but also affected the whole world.

Source: Microsoft China

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