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Windows 8 hangs after Dell logo and will not boot!


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Brand new Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook with Windows 8. 256 SSD, 8 gigs of memory, i5-3317, non touch screen. Working fine for 2 months and now will not boot after Dell logo. Have been on tech support three times still not solved. They sent a USB recovery drive and does not boot. They sent an optical drive and the windows recovery disc; still not working! Not a novice at this but fully stumped. Cannot get to a C prompt, cannot get into Safe mode. Am able to get into BIOS but is limited in what can be done there. Diagnostics says everything is fine. Am ready to go back to Windows 7 until they work the bugs out. Please help and thanks in advance.

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Based on the symptons you report, I doubt that it will work on Win 7. Its not the OS, its some other problem.

If it "will not boot after Dell logo" that says it won't even go to the BIOS (F2 setup). Actually it will not boot after the BIOS and not boot from any device. That says either a motherboard hardware problem or a BIOS problem. Have you tried resetting the BIOS?

Have you been on the Dell Community users forum (users helping users like this forum)? People there with more specific Dell knowledge. There is a Laptop hardware section. Dell also has an unresolved issues on-line link that many times can escalate open problems.

Laptop - Dell Community

Dell Unresolved Issues

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