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Good Morning All, I am having trouble again (with a capital T), I am running Windows Defender and would like to have Windows Firewall running along side it for complete protection. It does not matter what I do the Firewall will not allow me to switch it on and I cannot find out why. My thoughts now are does Defender stop the firewall working? I am trying to think of anything that might stop it but nothing else comes to mind. I have used other security suites but have removed them using "Best Removal Tool" which I think is quite good, so as far as I am aware there should be nothing to stop Windows Firewall from being switched on.

Thanking you in anticipation, very best regards from Keith in Derby.

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Hi first off try restarting your computer. That don't work put it in safe mode if possible. I am new to windows 8 so not sure how. Once in safe mode run a full system scan. You should probably down load malwarebytes anti malware too and run that in safe also. YOu have two things going on. One, a corrupt file or virus. If not a virus I notice windows 8 has a nice feature that resets everything on your computer. All your downloads will be gone but this might be necessary. Hope this helps and good luck.

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The Windows 8 Firewall is almost the same as the Windows 7 Firewall.

Open "run" and type -"Services.msc"

Look for the SERVER service - If it is not running, the firewall service will not start. Then scroll down and look for the Windows Firewall Service, see if it is there and running. If your Server service starts, the firewall should start.

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