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Windows 8, firewall issue (Error code 2)


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Hey there.

I'm looking for some help regarding my registry keys for the windows firewall.
I can't start the windows firewall service. I've finally after some time spent trying to fix the BSE, been able to make the BSE running perfectly.

As stated my firewall doesn't work at this time.
I've made an ; sc query MpsSvc, which gave me the following values

State : 1 Stopped
Win32_exit_code : 1066 (0x42a)
Checkpoint : 0x0
wait_hint : 0x0

In my registry database i can't seem to find:

.. and in my devices (incl. hidden) i can't seem to find:
Windows Firewall Authorisation Driver

Under Shared access i've only got "EPOCH".

I've attached both my registry keys for MPSSVC and BFE

Hope to get some good responses, and I really hope to be able to fix this issue with some of your guidance, without having to either refresh, reset og reinstall windows 8 :)

Thanks in advance


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