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Windows 8 file history ignoring some files


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I know this is an old problem but I cannot find a solution in this forum back items or from Microsoft online support. I have always used 'file history' to backup my libraries and there have always been files missed from the backup. I have now proved, on my PC, that it only backs up files that have a full path character length of 144 characters or less. It then adds on 26 characters as a date and time stamp maxing out at 170 characters. For example I have a folder with around 200 Census record files but only 8 get backed up, those with <144 character file path length.
Has anyone found the solution as it makes 'file history' somewhat of a duffer as it is always the missing file that goes wrong when there is no backup. I have added Acronis to provide a better file backup but that should not have been needed if 'file history' was working fully.

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