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Windows 8 Experience Index Oddness


Just bought a new laptop.

It came with a 750 GB 5400 RPM drive so I'm currently creating recovery media so I can quickly copy everything to a SATA III SSD I bought which will serve as the OS drive afterwards. As such I haven't installed any games yet to find out whether there's an actual issue, or if it's just WEI being weird, but I ran WEI while burning the recovery discs and realized something rather odd:

CPU: 7.9
RAM: 7.9
Graphics: 5.9
Gaming Graphics: 6.9
Hard Drive: 5.9

Specifically, that gaming graphics score seems, far, far, too low.

I was expecting something in the 8.0-8.5 range.

I decided to ask a friend of mine who has a NVIDIA 525m what his score was, and his is 6.8. My laptop has a NVIDIA GTX 770M, there's no way it should score only marginally higher than a 525m (the 525m scores roughly 740 on 3dmark11, a 770m should score over 5,000).

As such I can only assume it's using the Intel HD 4600 for the benchmark and not the 770m.

Is this a common issue with laptops when running WEI, or does this likely mean that there's a driver error (or faulty hardware) and that the 770m won't be used when gaming either?

I'd have expected that "graphics" score would be based off the 4600 HD, but that "gaming graphics" should use a discrete card if available.

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You might want to try the following:

Download Passmark Benchmarking Software, run the benckmarks, and compare them with others running the exact same laptop (whatever that is) and/or you can tailor a search for unique graphic card results if you wish (free 30 day full trial):

PassMark product listing - Diagnostic and test software for computers

I think that would be a much better way to test your laptop; however, there are some WEI compare sites out there but good luck finding a match for your laptop. Give Passmark a shot and see if those results make you feel any better. Good luck.

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