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Windows 8 error and I'm stumped


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My father in-law's computer is a HP 2000. Originally running Windows 8 but he upgraded to Windows 10. Now he's getting an 0xc0000225 error code a blue recovery screen. No copies of Windows available, everything preinstalled. I created both a Win8 and Win10 disc using an iso file with mediacreationtool.exe
1. So i select the language, time and currency, and keyboard
2. Then I tried, Repair computer, Use a device, internal cd/DVD rom drive but that didn't work.
3. So I tried "install now" of win10. Selected Win10 home. Then Next. Then selected upgrade. Then displays a compatibility report:upgrade option isn't available.
4. I also tried running a sfc scannow "windows resource protection did not find any integrity violations"

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Since he is running Windows 10, you're best bet is the sister site for Windows 10 in my signature.

But let me go ahead and ask you: what are your goals - get his system up and running (by fixing the issues) or wiping it clean and starting fresh?

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