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Windows 8 can't delete files and folders at once


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Ok maybe and it is not a terrible bug but when i try to delete any files from folders the files delete.
But when click on referesh from desktop context menu the files i have deleted show up again when i try to delete
them again the files delete again and after 3 or 5 min the files are gone which i have deleted.

So i do not know how to explain it better but i think you will understand what i want to say to you guys.

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Oh yes, I have exactly the same problem as you!!
If I delete something, especially a .exe file, it will not be deleted immediately. After refresh of the file explorer, that file is still there. And if I look at the security tab of that file, it shows nothing, and I cannot take ownership of that file because it is "unable to show the owner" in the permission tab. It will take about 5 min to update the ACL of that file, then it will be deleted.
This is quite annoying since I need to update portableapps.com softwares and if some .exe files cannot be deleted immediately the updates will fail. I also have problem when I update the metro-style apps from windows store, it always show 0x80070002 error and refuse to update. I suspect that they are due to the same reason.

Can someone help? REALLY appreciate it!!

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Yes, this problem existed in Windows 7 and still exists in Windows 8. The question has been asked in Windows 7 forum and there has been no answer or answer with complicated process ie. you have to turn on the Admin login, take ownership, do something with bitlocker etc.... So I did not bother to try.

Update 1: I just downloaded a couple of freeware programs.

1 - Iobit Unlocker

2 - Lockhunter

I will try those 2 and find out which one is working. I used Lockhunter in the past and it was working in Win XP and not working with Windows 7, I guess they just update the program (It is a beta version)

IMPORTANT: after installation, go to the installed folder, right click on the program->property->Compatibility
and tick on Run as Administrator.

NOTE: when you install freeware, remember to pay close attention to the installation steps, just decline all the junk that they want to install in your system ie. toolbar, etc...

Update 2:
I tested with Lockhunter and it works great.
In my temp folder, there are 2 tmp files:


Every time I try to clean up this folder, I cannot delete these 2 temp files: JETXXXX.tmp

After installing Lockhunter, right click on the file->What is locking this file ?
a popup will tell you what program/process is locking it. It turns out that
they were created by one of the program from MS Office2013
Click on the DELETE key will get rid of it.

In addition, since I installed both programs above, tested with Lockhunter and it works, I went ahead using RevoUninstaller to uninstall IOBit, after uninstalled IOBit, RevoUninstaller scans for leftover and tells me the IObit folder under C:\Program Files (X86) will be deleted on next reboot because of a .dll file from this folder is still running in the background, I went ahead and use Lockhunter and successfully deleted this folder without rebooting.
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