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Windows 8: Cannot boot into safe mode; tried everything


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My current setup is a dual boot with Windows 8 Pro 64-bit and Ubuntu 12.04.

-> I've tried F8 and Shift + F8 before the Windows 8 splash screen, neihter works.

-> I've tried the advanced startup method where I restart and eventually select Startup Settings, but when it restarts it just boots normally. I don't get to see the Startup Settings menu.

-> In the System Configuration menu on the Boot tab I have selected safe boot - minimal but when I restart it just boots normally.

-> I've added Safe Mode to the Windows Boot Manager but I guess I'm not able to see it since I use GRUB?

What else can I do?

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Welcome. Are you dual booting using two drives. Not sure what would happen if you unplugged the Ubuntu drive--if it would boot to Win8. Then, maybe you could boot into safe mode. Think about it; I am not sure.

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