Windows 8 - BSOD error 0xc000021a during update


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Hi all, I have a Windows 8 desktop and have a boot loop issue after an unsolicited windows update, this has happened before but in this instance I cannot get back into windows. I thought I had stopped this happening but apprently MS knows better.

I cannot get into any of the safe modes, System restore doesn't work, I cannot prevent windows from updating, nor can I uninstall any updates i.e. whatever has been installed recently, I have booted from a Bootable USB and a command prompt X:Sources then used
path=%path%,C <Enter>
to get to the C:\ from there I have changed the way to get to the safe mode menu using
bcdedit /set bootmenupolicy legacy
From the legacy Safe mode menu I found I couldn't get into Safe Mode.

The error I get is 0xc000021a, if I allow windows to boot it starts updating and consequently fails with this error and a screen telling me its collecting information. I can use DART to get some log files if required.

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