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windows 8 bluetooth does not work.

I recently just bought a msi z87 mpower Intel motherboard and it came with a blue tooth adapter. now for some reason I can not enable the device. there is no wireless tab under the change pc settings in pc settings however it is listed under device manager. it says every thing is correct with the driver and when I go to control panel and go to devices and printers the Bluetooth device is not there. I even did a fresh install of windows 8. not sure how to fix this one.

thanks, have a nice day

My Computer

System One

  • OS
    Windows 8
    Computer type
    System Manufacturer/Model
    custom built computer
    intel 4770k
    msi z87 mpower
    patriot viper 8gb 1866mhz
    Graphics Card(s)
    evga geforce gtx 680 ftw + edition
    Sound Card
    mother board defualtt
    Hard Drives
    Toshiba 2tb 7200 rpm
    thermaltake smart 750w 80 plus bronze
    cooler master seidon 120m
    internet explorer

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