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Solved Windows 8 black screen.


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Ok. I haven't found anyone with a similar problem as mine. I was casually using my pc and it suddenly shutdown. I tried to restart it, but it's stuck on black screen. Here's the thing there was no windows logo or no bios or no nothing appeared on the screen. It just goes black even if I restart it a hundred times. I am sure the cables of the monitor are fine and I am also sure that there are signals coming from the pc. So the problem has got to be with windows 8. Could any one guide me through this situation? Thank you.
P. S. I even ASSUMED that the pc must have switched on and typed password to login and waited enough to get it to sleep mode and then recover from there. But still no luck.

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Hi krishnateja Welcome to Eight forums. Your English is a bit confusing could you please elaborate so we can help.

Just try this for a start
Specifications of your computer:
Windows 8?

Hold the power key down for a few seconds to see if it will reboot properly!
See if you can get into BIOS?

Post back to us
Cheers Tarka

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