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Windows 8 black screen on boot


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I have Windows 8 on my desktop.
When I start my pc..the windows logo appears on black background and below it is the circular dots animation..
it boots to the welcome screen and starts looging in.. (I have NOT set any password for my account) the circle animation goes on and when it completes(it takes unusually long time) i am greeted with a blank black screen with a cusrsor that is movable..
i can access the ctrl+alt+del menu...
from there i can run any task via task manager but my desktop or start menu or charms bar or taskbar wont appear at all. and when i restart my pc(from the ctrl+alt+del menu) everything works fine and it boots quickly too...
this method works only when i RESTART.. not if i shut down and power up again....
plz help.me... i want to use my pc in one boot.... for those who have this problem and want to use their pcs.. restart it!
plz help me if somebody can..plz...

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