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Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 ISO - Download or Create


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Have OEM bios embed key for lenovo laptop.

Tried Option 1 and failed. Downloaded mediacreationtool and went thru steps, at end it immediately goes to download did not complete successfully...tried on two separate desktop computers.

Tried going to MS site to dl iso (chose 8.1 single lang) directly, did, and made UEFI boot USB, got Lenovo Laptop to boot from USB but it asks me for product key. I used the VB script to get the key a while ago, entered the key, said key won't work.

Lenovo Laptop had win 8 (not 8.1, not pro) on previously, hdd failed, replaced with ssd, wife did not make recovery disk ahead of time, no help from lenovo, cannot get oem win 8 iso.

Stuck...can anyone help? TIA

EDIT: Just found this:
Install Windows 8 without a Product Key
am currently able to install without being asked for product key.

EDIT2: Was able to activate properly, used (Get-WmiObject -query 'select * from SoftwareLicensingService').OA3xOriginalProductKey in Powershell to extract key from bios.

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