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Windows 8 - 100% Disk Usage


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Hi All,

I'm not very technical with these problems at all, but I've recently upgraded to windows 10 and fount that my disk usage was spiking up and down to 100% (gradually building up over time)

I thought this was a windows 10 bug, so I downgraded back to windows 8, did a factory reset and everything.

I'm happy at windows 8, for what I use my PC for it's perfectly okay but I thought i'd give it a try.

-I will be able to provide more information later, along with pictures so sorry if this is a little vague, but wanted to get something on here cause it's bothering me! don't really want to trawl through support hotlines etc.

*if there's anything you guys need to help me out let me know and i'll post all relevant information later on

Some game applications that I run, trigger the spike. Just sat on my desktop everything looks okay

I have an alienware X51 - Purchased back in 2012

*Another thing that might be worth adding, after updating to windows 10 I had net framework errors on trying to shut down, these have gone now but I'm not sure if these had anything to do with it? it's all come on from nowhere, my browser seems slow and will crash every so often.

My PC is relatively clean, I have no music, no videos or ANYTHING; just a few apps here and there.

I'm just stuck! I've had a Google around, there's so many different fixes and options; i'm hoping it's something so very simple.


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Hi Lewis1337,

Welcome to the 8forums.

For me this isn't vague, only thing we need for now is a screenshot of your taskmanager to see what is taking the disk usage :)

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I read on another thread that if you're running Norton Antivirus, it can cause such a spike when it does a disk scan. But, I have that on my HP laptop and it doesn't cause that problem. Worth disabling it, if you have it -- to check if that is the problem.

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