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Windows 8.1 will not activate

I have a Dell M4800 which has both a Windows 7 sticker on the palmrest and a Windows 8 Pro sticker underneath, so I had assumed it would have a Windows 8 Pro licence key in the BIOS. Having obliterated the previous partitions and installed Windows 8, the machine will not activate, and using rw everything, I see there is no MSDM tab under ACPI. Is there any way I can get licenced Windows onto this machine without going out and buying it again?

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That appears to be a Win 7 factory PC that was upgraded by Dell service centre - if you have a backup of the obliterated partition then we can retrieve the key from that, otherwise you are SOL.

Best then to install Win 7 and activate with the COA key - then upgrade to Win 10 for free while it still lasts?

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