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Solved Windows 8.1 upgraded to Windows 10


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If I'm posting in the wrong forum, please forgive me. I had my HP Pavilion for 2 years or so, I stopped using it because it would freeze/crash and restart. Or freeze/crash and give me a blue screen with an error. I started backing up for the past few months and it was fine. Rarely froze/crashed and I was able to use it (mainly to play The Sims 4 game) with little to freezing/crashing. Then recently for the past few weeks, it wouldn't even stay on to load The Sims 4 game or stay on the desktop screen when not trying to run The Sims 4 game, without freezing then restarting.

I decided to upgrade to Windows 10 again, but it wasn't freezing as much. But then it started freezing and restarting.

Now I can't do anything.

1. Repair it; Use a device
a. (USB Drive or Windows Recovery DVD - because it didn't come with it)

2. Troubleshoot it; Resetting this PC
a. (Keep my files, Remove everything, and Restore Factory Settings - because it says Getting things ready then says There was a problem resetting your PC. No changes were made.)

3. Using Advance Options
a. (System Restore - no restore points available)
b. (Go back to previous version - says We couldn't find a previous version of Windows to take you back to. Try resetting your PC instead [Troubleshoot > Reset this PC])
c. (System Image Recovery - doesn't have one)
d. (Start up repair - cannot fix)
e. (Command Prompt - I tried chkdsk c: /r /x it took about 4 hours to do it and that didn't work.)

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I've included a photo of the Automatic Repair screen.

Thank you.


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