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Solved windows 8.1 reset doesn't aks which drive to format


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windows 8.1 reset doesn't ask which drive to format

Hello i am running windows 8.1 with a ssd as a boot drive and a hdd as a secundairy drive

I am experiencing a problem with windows reset.

I Have to reset my pc because if i do recovery or refresh it claims to have no acces to certain files
i tried to do this because within 10 minutes of a windows update my pc began acting weird login time was 5 minutes (used to be 1 seconds).

So i found out you can choose to format all drives or only the boot drive but when i use reset it doesnt give me the option.

i really cant afford to buy a external drive right now and i would love to know why windows thinks its the same drive when i clearly set my hdd as a different partition and a different path/drive letter
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I mean this in a positive way, but you can't claim the data is important enough on the second partition if you have no way to back it up. External drives are very cheap these days, so I'd either wait until you can afford one, or look in to some cloud services, like Google Drive, OneDrive, etc to move your data to.

After re-reading, if the secondary drive is a separate physical drive, just disconnect it completely from the system, then power it back on and do the reset. This will solve your issue, but if that data is important, find a way to have it backed up going forward.

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