Windows 8.1 Pro N "No audio devices are installed" Realtek



I had this same issue with Win 8.1 Pro N about year ago as well and I somehow fixed it, but I can't recall what I did at all besides that it was big headache to figure out. Now yesterday since I got a SSD I installed Windows again and that problem is back.

What I checked first:

Nothing to see here...

Then I tried troubleshooter:
"Hardware changes might not have been detected"
That's not very useful

Let's check out Device Manager:
Shouldn't it be in sound devices category with some other entries? I have that category missing altogether.

"This device cannot start (Code 10)"
I tried uninstalling drivers and restarting many times already

Let's let Windows search for new drivers:

Outside of that I've tried to install two different versions of Realtek driver packages. Multiple times. One from Asus site that's latest for this particular laptop but officially has support only up to Win7. (I had that driver before so it works with 8.1) and other is from Realtek site that officially supports Win8.1 as well. No success.

I even restored BIOS factory settings even though there aren't any sound related settings there.

Windows Audio service is running. Checked that.

I re-installed Windows 3 times. One of them was just old Win 8 Pro with no updates included, second was latest Win 10 preview, and finally I installed Win 8.1 Pro N back. None of them had working audio.

Windows 7 didn't have that issue and I know that my hardware is fine because everything works under Ubuntu.

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Also I just discovered that when I installed either versions of Realtek drivers they removed all the files they copied to program files/realtek/driver folder just before finishing the installation. So they didn't even install properly.

Probably due not finding actual audio hardware it can use? Then it's entirely Windows problem.

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Hi Sini..l have been stuck on this same problem for two weeks now.Did you ever find a solution.l have tried all the options you tried to no avail.
Kindly help.Thanks in advance.

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most likely a hardware problem, rather than a software/driver problem.

also, the High Definition Audio Controller in the System devices section of Device Manager should NOT have a yellow exclamation mark. If it does, then it could be a sign of hardware malfunction.

If this is happening on a laptop, send your laptop to an authorized repair shop to have it fixed. If this is happening on a desktop PC, replace the motherboard with one that has onboard realtek audio on it.

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