Windows 8.1 laptop booted up to temporary profile


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Been awhile since I last had an issue with my laptop but it seems today was the turning point. The problem is "fixed" as of right now but I have no idea why it happened and my fix does bring much comfort.

After installing update last night my computer shut down fine but after booting it up around 1 pm it opened to a temp profile after failing to open my original. I didn't get the blue screen with text stating it was unable to open my profile but a small bubble in the taskbar. After some tense moment I decided to restart and hope it fixed itself and that seems to be case as of right now.

Restarting the laptop, brought up the fact that the updates from last night were not installed and my laptop went through the process of updating. After some time it booted right up and allowed me to sign in which lasted a bit longer then usual. Checked for errors on the C drive and nothing popped up but did find profile errors in the event logs. Luckily everything was fine but after hooking up an expansion drive and beginning the process of backing up my files I noticed something new under my drives.

It seems the ESP (F) drive became visible with 246 mb of 270 mb freed up. Clicking on it showed I had no permission to do so and after some searching on the internet I was able to hide it from popping up on my desktop and under my drives. I have no idea if this is tied to my profile problem but I figured bringing it up would be important since I've never seen it.

Anyway I'm leaving for work right now and keeping my labtop on as it backups but if anyone has any idea on how to check if this will be a continuing problem I'm all ears. I'm the only person using the laptop so the sole profile on it is mine.

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