Windows 8.1 Ideapad 110 Sound Suddenly Cut off Completely


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I have been trying to figure out the problem to this since 5 o'clock this morning. It's now 11:51AM and I'm at my wit's end and almost driven to tears at this point!

I recently received a brand, spanking new Lenovo Ideapad 110 for Christmas. I downgraded it to 8.1 (I don't like 10) and it's been working completely fine for me. I've had literally no issues; whenever I needed to uninstall something, I could, and I would not get any errors...until the other night. Basically, sometimes I have a tendency to watch shows on my laptop and fell asleep. This hasn't been an issue, until I woke up at about 3 the other night and I, half-awake, noticed my laptop had stopped playing sound even though the show I had fallen asleep to was still playing. This was unusual, seeing as I would usually wake up other nights and my show would still be going on, and the audio was fine. The sound came back on within 10 or so minutes, and so I thought it was just a one-off.

Then last night happened, and again, I fell asleep. I woke up at 5 and noticed it did it once more. This time, it didn't come back on for longer than 10 minutes. I would estimate 15 minutes or so. At that point, I'm getting annoyed. While I was about to start searching if this was common with Lenovo, the audio cuts off completely. It cut off at about 5:30 and it's still not back on. I started looking up solutions on the internet. I feel that I've tried everything and none of it's working. It's so weird that this came out of nowhere. I have:

1. Restarted multiple times
2. Uninstalled Realtek High Definition Audio Driver and reinstalled it multiple times
3. Reset my laptop back to Jan. 27th under System Recovery
4. Checked Windows Update to see if anything had been installed and was conflicting; nothing has for the past week or so
5. Checked Programs and Features to see if something new had popped up; again, nothing installed itself for the past week or so
6. Followed all the instructions on the official Lenovo website for audio problems (the instructions listed HERE)

The only difference on that 6th thing is that Realtek doesn't even list itself under Sound, Video, and Game Controllers; I had to uninstall via the Control Panel. Even after reinstalling, Realtek doesn't show up in the Device Manager.

I just don't know what else to do. Every time I did anything, I would restart my laptop in the hopes that would fix it. The oddest thing is that my headphones would work, but now they don't work, either. I can't do anything with sound now, headphones or no. Whenever I play a video on VLC or youtube, the bars fluntucate under Playback Settings, so something is clearly connected, but I don't know what's missing.

Really hoping someone can help me out here!
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