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Windows 8.1 drivers for HP Pavilion DV6t-6000


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In most cases (all in my case) the Win 7 drivers worked on Win 8. There are a few isolated cases where Win 8 audio drivers do not work properly with Windows 8.1, and updated Win 8.1 drivers are needed, but otherwise it shouldn't be a problem.

Actually, Win 8 will probably install most of the needed drivers, except sound. For sound Windows will only install the generic, basic function, "High Definition Audio Device (Codec).

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I am thinking to upgrade from windows 7 to 8.1 on my notebook but there are no drivers on developers homepage for windows 8.1. Will windows 7 drivers work fine?
If this were a PC, I would say go for it. But notebooks can be very proprietary and that often creates a problem. I personally would not do it. Your computer was designed for Windows 7 which came out over 5 years ago. If me, I would wait until I was ready to buy a new computer and not worry about it. I note that W7 is still an excellent, secure and well supported OS, and will be for some time.

I note HP says,
What if I don't see my operating system from HP's software page?

If the operating system you are looking for is not listed on the software download site, HP does not have software or driver downloads available for your computer and operating system. HP provides software and driver updates for the operating system that originally came with your computer as it was designed and tested for the operating system purchased with the PC. Changing the operating system on your computer (upgrading or downgrading), puts the system into a configuration that might not work with the hardware design. If you you must change the operating system, get drivers from the manufacturer of the component you need. For example, if a computer has NVIDIA video hardware and was upgraded to a newer version of Windows, someone would go to NVIDIA's web site to download and install an updated driver.
So you could check out the websites for the individual components on your motherboard and see if drivers are available from them. Do note too, if not watching, you could end up with a dual-boot system (both W7 and W8 on the same system). That may be fine, or it may eat up all your disk space.

I do note there is some conflicting information at HP (no surprise! ;(). The drivers page would suggest W8 is not supported but there are instructions here for your notebook and managing power options with W8.

You might contact HP tech support and see what they say.

In any event, I recommend you run the Windows 8 Upgrade Assistant first to see what it says. And whatever you do, do NOT attempt such a major upgrade without fully backing up any data you don't want to lose.

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