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Windows 8.1 Clean Install Aftermath


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Hello all,

I’ve been running into problems doing a clean install of Windows 8.1. This PC was running an upgrade from Win 8. Here are the problems I’ve run into.


  • Windows would not accept my product key. I used Belarc Advisor to make sure it was correct. Microsoft tech support was able to provide a solution after the third call with them.
  • When I was installing some software that required .NET Frameword 3.5, I received an error code 0x800F096
  • It was at that point I discovered windows updater wasn’t working. After several chat’s back and forth with Microsoft, this isn’t resolved yet. It just keeps scanning.
  • The most serious issue is in the BIOS. If I choose F9 to restore the defaults, there is no Windows Boot Manager. It just keeps rebooting to BIOS. I have to leave Secure Boot disabled and CSM enabled to boot into Windows. I've also tried manually changing the settings for Secure Boot, Launch PXE OpROM, Launch CSM with no luck. Fast Boot option is no longer displayed. The Bios version is 203. I’ve tried using the ISO and Recovery USB to repair the computer to no avail.
  • ASUS tech support was not very helpful and just informed me I have the latest version of the Bios. Rather than providing guidance they recommended to bring the PC in.

Next Steps
I did do a System Image backup and File backup before starting the clean install. Should I just try to restore the image back? Would this resolve the Bios boot issue? If that works then I'm not sure I'd attempt a clean install of this OS again.

Sorry this has been a very time consuming and frustrating process. I appreciate any feedback.

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