Windows 8.0 Disk-defrag not running.


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Hello. I've seem to run into a bit of trouble. You see, I can't run the windows disk-defrag application. When trying to run it normally or as administrator, nothing happens. Absolutly nothing. I then tried to run the application via command line. . .


As you can see it just immediately stops. The odd thing is, this is a pretty fresh install of windows 8. I've changed my wallpapers, installed clasic shell, and installed some games and that's pretty much it. I've had it installed for less than a week. I've tried to google solutions for something like this but I haven't found anything. I'm hoping to find a solution here.

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What happens if you try to invoke the more visual version from the command line, with this command? :

Could you post a picture of your Disk Management layout?

Also I would try right-clicking the C: drive (in Disk Management or File Explorer) then selecting Tools and then the option to Check the drive for errors.

Another thing to try would be the System File Checker

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