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Windows 10 tech preview wont boot anymore.


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I put my HP laptop on sleep. Then I woke up and tried to turn it on. It turned on but was on a black screen. Normally black screen is for up to 5 seconds before something shows on screen but this time it was more than 5 mins and nothing so I rebooted it. The computer said updating because I had a pending restart. It updated then rebooted and said fixing disk errors (don't know why) then after it finished, it rebooted again and said preparing automatic repair. 5 seconds later it crashed with a bsod but was to fast to find out what the error was. I found out it was driver irql not less or equal something like that. It keeps looping auto repair 5 seconds later bsod. I tried f8 and startup settings but it keeps coming up with a screen saying recovery your pc needs to be repaired with error 0x000000f.

What should I do? I can't boot anything up or go into start up settings if I needed to get to safe mode or other things. No CD driver neither. I downloaded Windows 10 and copied its files to a flash drive then realized it was Portuguese copy BUT even though I don't know what to do with the flash drive booting from efi file or something like that. Help please.

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