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Solved Windows 10 deadline... Installation Files


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Last year, Microsoft forced downloaded it's Windows 10 installation files onto my Windows 8.1 desktop and laptop. I have no intention of switching to Windows 10 and blocked the ads using the GWX controller.

I have already tried to delete them, however Microsoft repeated their forced download....and YES, my settings are such that I select which Updates are installed!

Two days time, the 'Free offer' expires and then I would like to rid my computers of the 6GB of 10 Installation files as they regularly cause changes to my OS operational personalized settings. ie Privacy settings, screen personalisation and broken links.

My concern is, that after the deadline has expired, will I just be wasting all my time and effort in removing the OS 10 installation files and what can I do to ensure that that Microsoft don't repeat their download? Where will Microsoft publish 'how to remove 10 files' or will they simply delete them the same method in which they Downloaded them?

Any advise will be gratefully received?

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